)(mm w)(ale I dunno let me t)(ink

O)( I KNOW! 


I would go to t)(e aquarium wit)( fronds and look at all the FIS)(I—ES!

And t)(en maybe we could splas)( around at t)(e pool and )(ave bunc)(es of FUN! 38D

Anonymous asked:
TAVROS LET ME LOVE YOU <333333333333


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:33 &lt; model 

:33 < model 

)(ello again! We&#8217;re R-E-ELLY sorry about t)(e wait, but we&#8217;re back now! We&#8217;ll be answering questions, just like before, if you )(ave the urge to ask &#8216;em! Don&#8217;t be s)(y!

)(ello again! We’re R-E-ELLY sorry about t)(e wait, but we’re back now! We’ll be answering questions, just like before, if you )(ave the urge to ask ‘em! Don’t be s)(y!

Hello once again! 

So currently, there are seven members for this blog, but in the drafts it says only five of us are staying! If you’re one of the two who haven’t confirmed their spot, please do so before the 25th! I’m going to try to get everything together and i think we all need to have a big skype get together and talk about stuff, like what we’re going to do with this blog and if we want to change the theme and such. After the 25th and when everyone who is staying is squared away, I’ll work on making a skype group for us so we can all talk!

Thanks guys!


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Hey guys 

   To our members:

 Alright well some of you may or may not have noticed people leaving this blog. We thought about closing it, but our nepeta and I are willing to stay. Depending one who stays and how many people stay we can change the format and the name and what we’re about. Right now we’re missing five characters:

  • Eridan
  • Sollux
  • Gamzee
  • Vriska
  • Aradia

 So if you are interested in staying with this blog, I’m gonna ask you to reblog this and add your character/name or something, just let us know that you’re staying or leaving. Thanks!

    To our followers:

  You guys have been awesome, thanks a lot for sticking around! Unfortunately, we’re back under construction but when we come back we’re going to need lots of questions, so don’t be afraid to ask whatever, and we’ll have fun with it! Also, if you would like to fill in one of the spots above you could send in an ask and one of us will check you out! Thanks again for staying, we really appreciate it!

     -Taylor/Feferi 38) 

so, i guess that we have officially closed this blog. i dont know if we will literally delete it, and im too scared to do so.

so i shall say my goodbye too.



To add to the last two posts, I haven’t been active here for a while- since I haven’t gotten questions as well. But aside from that I’m always busy with school clubs and studying, plus I actually run one of the aforementioned clubs (GSA!) and yeah. Commitments.

See ya I guess

- Elly/Sollux

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yeah sorry for inactivity??? it got kind of hard to be eridan when
you know
you have blue hair

so i’ll be leaving the blog, it’s been fun!! 

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OOC BULLSHIT: Hey guys, it’s Zee, formerly known as Gamzee from humanstuck-homies.

I feel like this blog is pretty well abandoned. I’m sure a lot of the other members probably don’t have a lot of time to devote to this blog anymore (not to mention there’s a severe lack of questions being asked), and neither do I. 

Thanks to the other members for letting me be a part of this group, and thanks to our followers for, uh… following :o)

It’s been fun but now I must move on to bigger and better things. Or, you know, running my three other blogs and having a job and shit like that. 


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